domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

A visit to London with lots of insight!!!

I had booked a week in London a few days before I was going to be told I was selected to present my first ever catwalk in April 2012.
When I told my tutors they all advised me to make the most of it and pick up tips on the fashion and trends there.
Little did I know my timing was more than perfect. Upon deciding with my lovely friend C of Mrs Gold's Kitchen weather we would go to visit the V&A or the Fashion and Textile museum at Bermondsey, we finally went for the latter and there it was, the 'Catwalk to Cover' exhibition. Everything I needed to know about what I need to do this coming month of April. I've read the complementery booklet twice, I was fascinated with all the information, the amazing photography by top fashion photographers and some unique pieces by giants like Prada, Paco Rabanne and others as well as famous catwalk photos of shows like Alexander McQueen and Chanel. I loved the atmosphere in there, it's a small expo, or maybe I'm comparing it to the one I saw in Madrid of YSL, but even so it had so much to take in.

I loved that it's very interactive, there were sudents sitting on the floor with their sketch books and we were allowed to take photos.The museum also offers workshops and courses so it's something I will be regularly checking on as I'm in charge of organizing class trips for formative purposes, I'm sure my classmates will be thrilled.
The little book/hand made item shop had a selection of very original pieces of hand made jewellery and interesting fashion books, I would have purchased them all, as well as some of the statement necklaces made with pearls and climbing rope, odd but somehow it 'worked'.

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