sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

Sastreria Cornejo Madrid

This week I visited Sastreria Cornejo in Madrid as well as the itinerant Yves St Laurent exposition where I could not take pictures. To say the least to see YSL's designs, colour boards and chronological idea boards for his collections from the late 50's to 2002 was absolutely awe strucking, however seeing the actual gowns, over 100 of them was just too amazing to describe.
When we arrived at Cornejo we were welcomed by the owner, 3rd generation wardrobe suppliers for the cinema, theatre and opera...... to think they dressed people in films  like James Bond, Gladiator, Asterix and Obelix, Agora, Camelot, The Tudors,Thor, Midnight in Paris, Dawton Abbey, Games of Thrones,Pirates of the Carribean and  many of Pedro Almodovar's films to the point the owner Humberto Cornejo just referredto him as 'Pedro'.  Another thing to ponder career wise, fashion history related to figure design for the cinema and theatre. 

Sastreria Cornejo

martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

Paper Dress Project

 As part of my design school activities we're entering a paper outfit competition, it's held in a paper factory and this is the project I've entered.

The title is inspired by the hundreds of green cupcake cases I'm planning to use to add volume to this 50's inspired dress. 

I guess I decided to go for a 50's style as paper doesn't give many options as fabric does and a full skirt seemed like an easy thing to do considering I have only sewn two t-shirts so far.
We had to include samples of the paper we are ging to use, like we would a fabric project. This is a great practice run.

The back view was like this to begin with but a friend made me see it lacked coherence with the front shape of the dress. I guess I wasn't paying attention. So good to have other designer's imput on these things.

This is the final back view I added the effect of the model walking away with a fabulous pair of Loubutins, which of course I will not be able to use on the actual runway. Now I have to find a pair of green shoes for my model, or a pair of cheap shoes I can cover with green tissue paper. A design student's life is very budgeted.